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I hope I hope,…
June 9, 2009, 5:14 pm
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Registrations are finally open at Hotair,… I hope I’m aproved. Often I read things there that scream to be commented on, but … without being registered,

I do like Hotair, and I’m well aware that I’m not a good enough a writer to warrent a trafficed blog of my own. I just want a place where I can imput my two cents, and the heavy lifting of blogging falls to the far better qualified. I’m mostly a fan of Ed’s, and while ¬†Allah is great too, his annoying habit of pushing atheism can get me fired up sometimes. Never enough to be insulting, but I think his prejudices there, plus his anti-Palin stance aren’t very appealing. I can understand not being a supporter of hers but there is no need to be insulting or condescending about it.

I do hope I can get approved though.